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Ex­am­in­ing Kratos’ shiny new ar­mour and arte­facts sys­tems

Un­like in past en­tries, Kratos is more or less fully cus­tomis­able. The big­gest change comes with an ex­ten­sive new ar­mour sys­tem. Once the Spar­tan earns an ad­e­quate amount of cur­rency, he can go to one of two dwarf broth­ers, Brok and Sin­dri, and ei­ther up­grade his clob­ber or buy su­pe­rior duds.

What gear you choose can have a sig­nif­i­cant im­pact on com­bat, with cer­tain chest plates im­prov­ing your de­fences, and other gauntlets amp­ing up your at­tack. Ei­ther way, it’s a sys­tem that adds a wel­come tac­ti­cal layer to GOW’s pri­mal encounters. What­ever bonuses you end up pri­ori­tis­ing, ex­per­i­ment­ing with lay­outs is al­ways worth­while.

This ar­mour sys­tem also ties into the gear-en­hanc­ing arte­facts that can now be plun­dered from chests around the world. Var­i­ous de­grees of in­creas­ingly rare trin­kets are of­ten locked away in chests that are usu­ally opened with a spot of light puzzle-solv­ing. Pur­ple arte­facts are the least com­mon and most pow­er­ful, and some will re­duce the cooldown on Kratos’ for­mi­da­ble spe­cial at­tacks, while oth­ers dish out health for ev­ery en­emy you kill. With such an eclec­tic ar­ray of enemies to bru­talise, mix­ing and match­ing arte­facts and ar­mour is es­sen­tial.

Be­ing able to fur­ther per­son­alise Kratos also draws you even closer to the god, strength­en­ing your bond with a char­ac­ter who has never been more re­lat­able.

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