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As the zone shrinks to a pin­prick we come to the most im­por­tant bat­tle of all: who has the best hi­jinks? Bat­tle royale games rose to their cur­rent heights off the back of Twitch view­ers tun­ing in to watch stream­ers play them, and act all silly. Then there’s co-op team play, in which you mess about over voice chat until a dot on the hori­zon prompts ra­dio si­lence. Whether you’re watch­ing on Twitch or in-game spec­ta­tor cam be­cause you died, bat­tle royale games should be great fun for an au­di­ence. H1Z1 has player-friendly fea­tures such as a swap­pable shoul­der cam, weapon craft­ing, and a gen­er­ous help­ing of ve­hi­cles, but some­how it isn’t as much fun to watch as it is to play. And Auto Royale mode, in­tended as a high-oc­tane all-car spin on the for­mula, falls flat as a spec­ta­cle. You drive around a course, you meet an­other car, one of you blows up. End of. No, this one’s go­ing to be fought be­tween PUBG’s player-bait­ing and Fort­nite’s mad­cap in­ge­nu­ity. PUBG’s com­mu­nity has dreamed up all kinds of dirty tricks, from play­ing dead next to a sup­ply drop to lit­ter­ing houses with items so they appear un­looted. Com­edy gold when un­sus­pect­ing play­ers wan­der in. But the slap­stick of Fort­nite’s ‘you’re shoot­ing me so I’ll build a gi­ant stair­case to es­cape up this cliff’ craft­ing sys­tem wins out.

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