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Andrew Ryan’s idyl­lic utopia gone wrong is as iconic a sci-fi lo­ca­tion as they come in the world of videogames. A sub­merged city orig­i­nally in­tended to be­come a place for artists, philoso­phers, and sci­en­tists to es­cape the re­stric­tions of post-WWII po­lit­i­cal re­straints, there’s a rich­ness to Rap­ture that proves tough to repli­cate in other set­tings, even in 2018. Run-down ar­eas such as Ar­ca­dia, Olym­pus Heights, and, of course, San­der Cohen’s cul­ture-filled Fort Frolic all tell their own un­set­tling sto­ries al­most through de­sign alone, re­veal­ing more about the col­lapsed so­ci­ety. Bioshock is an un­der­wa­ter trea­sure trove of com­plex ideas, but this sense of co­her­ence helps to ground you.

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