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Thanks to Nin­tendo I’ve re­alised how much cash there is in card­board. Does any­body want to buy a corn­flakes box?

Daniel Reid, Face­book

I love Nin­tendo, and hope Labo does well, but I have no in­ter­est. Get back to work on holo­grams. That, I’ll buy day one!

Matt But­ler, Face­book

I’ve never grown so at­tached to a videogame char­ac­ter as I did to my squad mem­bers in XCOM.

Joe Har­ris, Face­book

Chaos for the ZX Spec­trum is the best strat­egy game ever. How many oth­ers let you mur­der some­one with an imag­i­nary dragon or use a mag­i­cal fun­gus to doom ev­ery­one on the bat­tle­field?

Chris MC, @DaftRon­son

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