“on the mic comes his dad go­ing mad at me”

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would try and jump in a jeep and get to one of the flags straight­away to cap­ture it… one day this per­son got in a jeep and just sat there not com­mu­ni­cat­ing. I was go­ing “Come on man, we need to go. What are you do­ing? Hurry up!” sud­denly on the mic comes his Dad go­ing mad at me say­ing, “Don’t tell my boy what to do!” (He was also in the game.) It turns out his son was wait­ing for his Dad who was VERY slow… and re­ally an­gry… Sam Hamil­ton, email Need­less to say we’re not mas­sive fans of on­line voice-chat shenani­gans, es­pe­cially if we’re likely to run across some­one do­ing a very good Kratos im­per­son­ation in Bat­tle­field 2, BOY! Though we do like watch­ing Rob try not to swear dur­ing on­line races. That never stops be­ing funny.

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