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What game has the best com­bat ever, and why? God Hand. Un­be­liev­ably cus­tomis­able, ruth­lessly dif­fi­cult, and the cam­era an­gle is off-putting to those who aren’t will­ing to put the time in to mas­ter it. The per­fect learn­ing curve for a sado­masochist. Or­ange Cau­tion, @OrangeCau­tion I en­joy Witcher 3 on harder dif­fi­cul­ties be­cause of how much it forces you to think about prop­erly pre­par­ing for a fight. Not many other RPGs I’ve come across man­age to con­vey that me­chanic so dy­nam­i­cally. Josh Boyles, @joshy­boyles2 Any­thing turn based. I’m old school. Old school FF for me. Lau­ren Coupe, @Lozzyk­inz

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