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Screech­ing to a halt for a brief pit­stop with Sonic pro­ducer Takashi Iizuka

Games Master - - Team Sonic Racing -

Why make it a team game?

With the re­cent trend for team on­line games like Over­watch and Spla­toon, we also wanted to cre­ate some­thing where you share the thrill of vic­tory with other peo­ple.

Free DLC? Loot­boxes? Cus­tomi­sa­tion?

No loot­boxes! No DLC planned yet ei­ther. Be­cause it’s an on­line game we’ll pro­vide plenty of stuff for play­ers to dis­tin­guish them­selves, in­clud­ing ac­ces­sories and cars with dif­fer­ent specs that will af­fect game­play.

Will voice com­mu­ni­ca­tion be im­por­tant, or will on-screen info be enough to co-or­di­nate with team­mates?

There’s lots of info on-screen, such as the items your friends are car­ry­ing, but there will be voice chat too – handy for things like the Sling­shot move, where you need to fol­low your team­mate closely to get a speed boost.

There are no Sega All-Stars here. What’s hap­pen­ing to that se­ries?

The All-Star con­cept hasn’t been aban­doned. That IP is with Sega Europe, so if they have a new idea there’s al­ways a chance for an­other All-Star-type game!

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