Left Alive

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A shooter and sur­vival game set in the Front Mis­sion uni­verse (that’s one pop­u­lated with big stompy ro­bots, if you’re not al­ready a fan), Left Alive comes from the metal­lic brains of Toshi­fumi Nabeshima, the man be­hind Ar­mored Core V, and Me­tal Gear de­signer Yoji Shinkawa. There are three paths through the game, each taken by one of three char­ac­ters, and their choices along the way have an ef­fect on the story as it un­folds. While you will be fight­ing mechs, there will be in­fantry and ve­hi­cles to take care of, and you can do it with traps, stealth, or lots of guns.

For­mat PS4, PC Pub Square Enix Dev Square Enix ETA 5 March 2019

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