A few table­top trail­blaz­ers that de­serve a shoutout

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Dun­geon (1975)

It’s dis­puted to this day what the first ever CRPG was, but most peo­ple agree it was Don Da­glow’s Dun­geon that started it all.

D&D: Shadow Over Mys­tara (1996)

This game clev­erly took the feel of D&D and melded it with the me­chan­ics of an ar­cade beat-’em-up.

Warham­mer: Dark Omen (1998)

To­tal War might be the king of epic bat­tles but Dark Omen re­ally pi­o­neered this kind of large-scale war­fare.

Nev­er­win­ter Nights (2002)

Not to be con­fused with the 1991 re­lease of the same name, NWN had a very strong mod­ding com­mu­nity.

Vam­pire: The Mas­quer­ade – Blood­lines (2004)

Al­most un­playable on re­lease, but af­ter years of fan patches it’s now the best blood­sucker out there.

Di­vin­ity: Orig­i­nal Sin 2 (2017)

Has a GM mode which al­lows four play­ers to run through an ad­ven­ture con­trolled by a fifth ‘game mas­ter’.

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