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We’re not sure what in­spired Pescado’s pilot to de­sign their mech in such a way – a half-man, half-fish wrestler with star-shaped nip­ples – but we pre­sume it in­volves a trau­matic child­hood event. Dis­ad­van­taged at a dis­tance, he’s pos­si­bly the trick­i­est mech to mas­ter – and a favourite of the de­vel­oper. “We like that he’s kind of self-pun­ish­ing,” says Nguyen, re­fer­ring to the fact that mist­im­ing many of Pescado’s moves leaves you wide open to at­tack. “His en­tire body is a hit­box. Any­where on the body will do dam­age.” So don’t be shy about bodys­lam­ming your way to vic­tory!

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