Games Master - - Override: Mech City Brawl -

Ap­pear­ing to have been in­spired by the gazelle, not an an­i­mal known for its fe­roc­ity, you might ex­pect the stream­lined Vidar to be pi­geon­holed into the ‘fast but weak’ type. Well, you’d ex­pect wrong, as there are no such pre­dictable fighter types here. She’s cer­tainly the best choice if you pre­fer an ag­ile playstyle, though. Her grap­pling hook can close dis­tances more ef­fec­tively than a dash, and her dou­ble jump can prove to make a cru­cial dif­fer­ence on maps that of­fer higher ground, such as Brazil. If you’re play­ing against her, be­ware her Ul­ti­mate, a storm of ar­rows that will stun if you get caught dead cen­tre.

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