This month’s Hur­ley Ac­cess sees Leon take on Scum’s is­land, and its ac­cu­rate di­ges­tive sim­u­la­tion.

Stay­ing alive in Scum, a game of sur­vival and bod­ily func­tions

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Scum is an open world sur­vival game about pris­on­ers con­demned to fight, scav­enge, and craft their way across a mas­sive is­land. Think Rust or Ark as you try to stay alive long enough to be the most dan­ger­ous thing on the server – although you’ve prob­a­bly heard of the game be­cause it lets you con­trol your bod­ily func­tions. We con­demned Leon to hard time test­ing what it can re­ally do-do.

0 min­utes

I'm not sure what wor­ries me more as I fire up Scum for the first time and be­gin to build a char­ac­ter - the stern - look­ing setup of stat points and slid­ers that de­fines my skills, or the haunted look on the face of the man I'm cre­at­ing. It's a face that has ap­par­ently al­ready seen things. Per­haps that's why he's in chokey, eh? The whole time I'm mov­ing num­bers around to de­fine his abil­ity to flight, run, and just gen­er­ally stay alive he looks at me, dead-eyed, his ex­pres­sion con­vey­ing zero con­fi­dence in my abil­ity to help him sur­vive the prison zone he's im­mi­nently go­ing to be aban­doned in. I'm guess­ing he may have read ear­lier Hur­ley Ac­cesses. None­the­less, I kit him out as best I can and hit the 'go' but­ton. The game tells me he's guilty of ar­son, and fires him into what­ever hell awaits.

30 min­utes

Be­cause this is a sur­vival craft­ing game I start punch­ing the near­est ar­rive, and it comes as a tree as soon as I shock when that doesn’t ac­tu­ally to cut down more let me make a wooden axe trees. For a lit­tle while I’m not punch­ing sure what to do; it’s al­ways been trees. Minecraft, Rust… ev­ery­thing starts with punch­ing trees, and work your way up from there. you For a lit­tle while I wan­der in a do, un­til I re­alise for­est, not sure what to I can search the ground for rocks. and then That soon gives me a stone knife I can start hit­ting trees. Be­fore long that gets me some sticks, there a sim­ple wooden spear. and from I’ve ba­si­cally won the game al­ready. craft some rope but my I also man­age to op­tions are oth­er­wise lim­ited, and, pointy so I find a town on the map stick at the ready, head that way.

45 min­utes

I’ve com­pletely for­got­ten I’m play­ing on a pub­lic server un­til I hear some dis­tant gun­shots. Sud­denly I’m hav­ing DayZ/H1Z1- style flash­backs – two other sur­vival games that taught me what peo­ple are re­ally like in things like this. There are no nice guys here. Some­where out there is a player with all the best gear, just wait­ing to find fresh meat like me to de­stroy. I can hear ma­chine guns trad­ing fire, and no mat­ter how much I whit­tle this lovely stick to a fine point, I’m ba­si­cally a tea-bag­ging wait­ing to hap­pen if I’m not care­ful. It doesn’t mat­ter whether I have any loot (hint: do you think I’d be mak­ing do with a stick if I did?), no-one here will let me live if they see me. I slow down, crouch, and care­fully make my way to­wards the town. The guns don’t sound too close, so I head to the build­ings and take the risk.

1 hour

The town sort of pays off. As I ex­plore I find clothes and a shovel. Be­fore long I'm dressed less like a pris­oner and I am ready to gar­den. There's also a weird grumbly, growl­ing noise I keep hear­ing as I move from room to room, search­ing draw­ers and crates. At first I think it might be my stom­ach - I haven't eaten since the game be­gan and I could be starv­ing - but no, it's zom­bies. There are ZOM­BIES. I learn a lot in the next few min­utes. Mainly thinks like just how hard it is to kill a zom­bie with a small shovel. Some de­ter­mined fall­ing later, how­ever, and it dies.. again, and I'm the proud owner of some new boots and jeans that no - one must ever know I peeled off the body of a de­cay­ing corpse I just blud­geoned to death.

1 hour 15 min­utes

The zom­bie has at least taught me more about Scum's slightly ter­ri­fy­ing ap­proach to health. While health, stamina, en­ergy, and hy­dra­tion are all on the main screen, there's a an­other that looks like somthing For­mula One me­chan­ics might use. There's a full break down of nu­tri­tion - from calo­rie in­take to vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, and even how full my colon and blad­der are. I found some cheese in a cup­board ear­lier, so I'm cur­rently 98% cheese ac­cord­ing to this, a state I'd like to achieve in real life. I need to look af­ter my­self more, as I'm both starv­ing, even with the cheese, and in phase of sick­ness, which means I need more food and some­thing to cure my ill­ness.

1 hour 30 min­utes

One plus point as I strug­gle to sur­vive, fight zom­bies, and work out how to make an axe is that Scum gives me the great­est gift a sur­vival game can be­stow: stor­age. As I find clothes to re­place my pris­oner’s gear, I get more and more spa­ces to cram stone knives and tinned peaches into. At one point I even find boots I can put things in. The real win, though, is find­ing a bum bag and child’s ruck­sack. That might not sound like much, but it feels like I’m liv­ing like a king now I don’t have to worry about drop­ping medicine to pick up some rocks. Yes sir, in this sort of game money means noth­ing; the real trea­sure comes in the form of a pair of cargo trousers with ex­tra pock­ets.

1 hour 45 min­utes

So far, my ex­is­tence has been minute-to-minute. Apart from all the zom­bie avoid­ing, up I’ve mainly been eat­ing ev­ery­thing and any­thing I can find to keep my en­ergy drinks and and avoid star­va­tion. It hasn’t been a great diet, mainly con­sist­ing of fizzy It all a bag of sugar. The near­est I’ve got to healthy for a while is a tin of peaches. not been catches up with me when an­other of Scum’s bod­ily fea­tures kicks in. I’ve this fol­low­ing my me­tab­o­lism for a while but ap­par­ently it’s time to… go. I know cra… p… It’s be­cause my char­ac­ter sud­denly stops, pulls down his trousers, and sh… I re­ally not pretty, and I wish I wasn’t so close to the screen. All I can think of is how want to wash my hands, and that I hope no-one kills me at that pre­cise mo­ment.

2 hours

De­spite the… in­ci­dent… I’m feel­ing pretty con­fi­dent. I’ve crafted a me­tal spear have sup­plies stuffed in and ev­ery space I can find, so when I spy some sort of the dis­tance I de­cide to risk fa­cil­ity in it. It looks mil­i­tary, which means dan­ger but also guns, and I need some­thing more than a knife on a stick. How­ever, other peo­ple, it turns out while my big­gest fear is what I should have been wor­ried about was the MAS­SIVE MECHS PA­TROLLING THE PLACE. De­spite my best ef­forts one sees me, and me up onto a silo roof. On chases the plus side it can’t get me any more, but the sniper trees can. The sniper I learn in the about via the hail of bul­lets that kills me way faster than would like. Not that I have I a pre­ferred speed of death, but you know what I mean.

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