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I’m an avid fan of all the games Rock­star have made, and have been since I started way back in the day with San An­dreas, which is a true clas­sic. To­day, how­ever, I’m very wor­ried that their new­est game, Red Dead Redemp­tion 2, will not live up to my ex­pec­ta­tions, not in the game­play as­pect. I’m very ex­cited to get into the open wilder­ness in gor­geous HD. What I’m con­cerned about is the busi­ness model Rock­star em­ployed with GTA 5 and it’s on­line, where ev­ery­thing is ridicu­lously ex­pen­sive, and mis­sions be­come a te­dious chore.

I’m wor­ried that they will bring this method back for Red Dead on­line, and even worse, im­ple­ment mi­cro­trans­ac­tions into the sin­gle-player. What if they charge you hun­dreds of thou­sands for a new horse? What if they charge even MORE for stal­lions, or for bet­ter breeds? It’s very wor­ry­ing with how poorly GTA On­line was dealt with, where some cars cost mil­lions, and mis­sions only give out thou­sands at a time, not to men­tion houses, ware­houses, and other ve­hi­cles on top of that.

It may seem a tad silly, but if the game does have these leech­ing mi­cro­trans­ac­tions any­where near the sin­gle player, I know I will be boy­cotting the game. I pray that they give us a good ex­pe­ri­ence both on and off­line, I re­ally want to love this game, but I can­not ac­cept this kind of EA-es­que schemes.

So to sum­marise, I won’t ac­cept any kind of bad treat­ment of us, the con­sumer, and I hope they lis­ten to us and re­vert it if they do add these, or at least tone them down. As­ton Cooke, email Rock­star is plan­ning to launch Red Dead On­line along­side Red Dead Redemp­tion 2, As­ton, and as there are no sub­scrip­tion fees we’re guess­ing the ap­proach will be sim­i­lar to GTA On­line. Buy­ers of the sin­gle-player game will au­to­mat­i­cally have ac­cess to it, but you won’t have to play it to play through the sin­gle-player game. How­ever, a tro­phy list re­cently leaked sug­gests you will have to play on­line to Plat­inum it, which might anger com­ple­tion­ists.

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