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Fill those pesky holes and im­prove soil struc­ture and mi­cro­bial ac­tiv­ity by top-dress­ing your lawn with com­post. PHIL DUD­MAN shows you how to give your lawn the per­fect spring pam­per.

With the catcher at­tached, mow the grass fairly short. This makes it eas­ier to spread the com­post

Aer­ate heavy clay soils or ar­eas of com­paction. Deeply plunge a gar­den fork re­peat­edly across the area. For large ar­eas, you may want to hire a cor­ing ma­chine.

Cre­ate small piles of finely sieved com­post ready for spread­ing. Most rep­utable land­scape sup­pli­ers will stock a suit­able com­post prod­uct. Use a plas­tic leaf rake to spread it evenly across the lawn. Don’t bury the grass or it will strug­gle to re­grow. The com­post layer should be no deeper than 10mm.

If you have a lot of small bumps and in­den­ta­tions that you want to level out, con­sider hir­ing a lawn lev­el­ling tool. The wide metal frame skims across the high points, push­ing com­post into the low points.

To fin­ish, wa­ter in the com­post, then ap­ply an or­ganic fer­tiliser or a slow-re­lease lawn prod­uct.

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