Fred Cory, Gladesville, NSW

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I nd th­ese lit­tle slugs af­ter rain, usu­ally on a fa­tal mis­sion to cross con­crete where they dry out. ey range up to about 80mm long by 3mm, with two ver­sions – one is pur­ple, with a thin white stripe, and the other is brown, with a wider stripe. eir slime is very sticky. Can you iden­tify them?

Mar­tyn Robin­son says

Th­ese ‘slugs’ are ac­tu­ally land pla­narian worms – one of the world’s best re­gen­er­a­tors and fierce preda­tors. They feed on a va­ri­ety of small an­i­mals and can re­gen­er­ate a whole new in­di­vid­ual from just a small piece of them­selves. They have a com­bined mouth and anus, as their gut is a sim­ple sack, so ev­ery­thing that goes in must leave by the same opening.

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