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Plant win­ter herbs in­clud­ing dill, co­rian­der (right) and fen­nel

Re­duce wa­ter­ing of de­cid­u­ous fruit trees, but con­tinue soak­ing cit­rus trees dur­ing dry pe­ri­ods to pre­vent fruit drop and split­ting

Put in place frost-pro­tec­tion mea­sures for ten­der fruit trees, in­clud­ing mango, ba­nana and paw­paw

Sow let­tuce, rocket and asian greens in pots, as they grow well in con­tain­ers dur­ing cool con­di­tions Bag and bin dis­eased and fallen fruit at base of trees Plant straw­ber­ries in all but cold ar­eas, and keep them mulched with straw or pine nee­dles

Sow broad beans (left) in dou­ble rows, 20cm apart Re­move codling moth traps from ap­ple trees, and re­duce hid­ing spots for co­coons by scrub­bing trunks to re­move aky bark and lit­ter from branch crotches

Side-dress bras­si­cas and leafy greens with blood and bone or pel­letised chicken ma­nure ev­ery six weeks

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