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Plant lily-of-the-val­ley pips (rhi­zomes) un­der de­cid­u­ous trees in cool-cli­mate ar­eas and they will form a ground­cover (above)

Trim o old, tat­tered leaves from your strappy-leafed cordy­lines, dra­cae­nas and yuc­cas – scis­sors are handy for this job

Spread gar­den lime around sweet peas, olive trees and laven­der in acid-soil ar­eas

Handweed bindii from lawn while still in the ferny-leaf stage, or if wide­spread, use a bindii her­bi­cide suit­able for your turf va­ri­ety

Dig com­post and gyp­sum into gar­den beds, so that the soil is ready for spring plant­ing

Use stakes and shade­cloth as tem­po­rary wind­breaks on ex­posed sides of newly planted trees, then re­move at the end of win­ter

Brighten up in­doors with a cy­cla­men (right) or al­lergy-free va­ri­ety of Ger­man prim­rose

(Prim­ula ob­con­ica)

Prune crabap­ples to con­trol shape and size

Dig bright green, up­right win­ter grass

(Poa an­nua) from the lawn be­fore it seeds

Re­ju­ve­nate out­door fur­ni­ture by clean­ing o al­gae, moss and lichen

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