For de­tails of pro­grams on your lo­cal ABC sta­tion, call 139 994 or visit abc.net.au/lo­cal

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ABC Ra­dio Can­berra Sat­ur­day 8.30–10am


ABC Ra­dio Cen­tral Coast Sat­ur­day 9–9.30am

ABC Mid North Coast Wednes­day 9.30–10am,

Sat­ur­day 9.30–10am

1233 ABC New­cas­tle

Sat­ur­day 9–9.30am

ABC New Eng­land North West Thurs­day 9.30am, Sat­ur­day 8.30am ABC North Coast

Sat­ur­day 8.30–9.30am

ABC Rive­rina

Wednes­day 10.30–11am,

Sat­ur­day 8.30–9am

ABC Cen­tral West

Sat­ur­day 8.30am

ABC South East

Wednes­day 10.05–10.30am, Sat­ur­day 9.05–10am

ABC Ra­dio Syd­ney

Sat­ur­day 9–9.30am

ABC Western Plains

Thurs­day 9.35am fort­nightly, Sat­ur­day 8.30–9am

973 ABC Illawarra

Sat­ur­day 8.30–9.30am


783 ABC Alice Springs; 106.1 ABC Ten­nant Creek Sat­ur­day 8.30–9am

ABC Ra­dio Dar­win Sat­ur­day 9–9.30am


ABC Ra­dio Bris­bane

Sat­ur­day 6–7am

ABC Capri­cor­nia; 630 ABC North Qld; ABC North West Qld; ABC Trop­i­cal North; ABC Western Qld; ABC Wide Bay Fri­day 10–11am

91.7 ABC Gold Coast;

ABC South­ern Qld

Sat­ur­day 9–10am

ABC Far North

Fri­day 10–11am, Sat­ur­day 8.30–9am


ABC Ra­dio Ade­laide; 1485 ABC Eyre Penin­sula & West Coast; 639 ABC North & West; ABC South East

Sat­ur­day 8.30am

999 ABC Bro­ken Hill; 1062 ABC River­land Sat­ur­day 9am


Sun­day 10.30am


ABC Ra­dio Ho­bart;

ABC North­ern Tas­ma­nia Sat­ur­day 9–10am


ABC Ra­dio Mel­bourne; ABC Vic­to­ria

Sat­ur­day 9.30am

ABC Bal­larat

Wednes­day 6.40am monthly, Thurs­day

10am fort­nightly

1602 ABC South

West Vic­to­ria

Thurs­day 7.20am fort­nightly ABC Cen­tral


Thurs­day 9.30–10am

594 ABC Western Vic­to­ria

Tues­day 9.10am

ABC Mil­dura –

Swan Hill

Tues­day 9.30am

ABC Gipp­s­land

Mon­day 10–10.30am

ABC Goul­burn Mur­ray Tues­day 10.05–10.30am


ABC Ra­dio Perth; ABC Great South­ern; ABC South West; ABC Gold elds Esper­ance; ABC Kim­ber­ley; ABC North West; ABC Mid­west and Wheat­belt

Wednes­day 2.30–3pm,

Sat­ur­day 9.05–10am

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