I have two ‘Sil­ver Princess’ gums. Is the pale pink colour rare? I grew the trees from seed.

Robyn Boyn­ton, Ardlethan, NSW

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AN­GUS STE­WART SAYS Eu­ca­lyp­tus cae­sia ‘Sil­ver Princess’ is a naturally oc­cur­ring form of a Western Aus­tralian species found in the in­land ar­eas of south-west Western Aus­tralia. It has much larger flow­ers than other forms of this species. It is nor­mally prop­a­gated by seed, as that is the most eco­nom­i­cal way to prop­a­gate it com­mer­cially. This does, how­ever, lead to some ge­netic vari­abil­ity in the re­sult­ing seedlings, and your lovely pink form is the sort of vari­a­tion that typ­i­cally re­sults. It is un­likely to come true to that type if you grow it from seed, but it could be prop­a­gated by graft­ing.

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