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Pick zucchini (above) when they are about 15–20cm long, and check leaves for powdery mildew

Use your fingers to ‘bandicoot’ beneath maturing potato plants to feel if any baby spuds are ready

Choose non-hearting lettuce varieties to plant at this time of year, as they cope best with hot weather

Plant turmeric, galangal and ginger in compost-enriched soil

Prune male kiwifruit vines after their flowers have faded and their pollinatin­g job has been done

Wrap the bases of developing celery shoots with a few sheets of newspaper to exclude the light and sweeten the stems

Cover trusses of maturing tomatoes with exclusion bags to protect them from fruit fly

Plant up a pot or two of chillies and place them close to the kitchen door for easy harvesting

Make sure late-season broad bean plants are given enough support so they can hold up their heavy crops

Leave your broccoli and other brassicas to go to flower (left) as the yellow blooms are wonderful for attracting bees and other friendly insects

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