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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to check all your watering gear. Start with those all-important hoses. Throw out any old, cracked, leaky ones and treat yourself to new, non-kink hoses. If you want to take your hose overhaul to another level, splash out on a retractabl­e reel… no more tripping over loose hoses! Buy some trigger nozzles, too, so that you’re ready to comply with any water restrictio­ns. Ensure your taps turn off easily and completely, without dripping, and replace washers if necessary.

Check irrigation systems for leaks, test any joiners and sprinklers, and replace anything past its use-by date. If you don’t have irrigation, think about setting up a simple do-it-yourself system with mini sprinklers or drippers (right) – they can save plants and reduce your water bills!

In dry parts of the garden, spread liquid or granular soil wetter around your plants to be sure that water soaks in easily and finds its way to the roots. Don’t waste a drop of water. Place a bucket under taps to catch the water when rinsing or washing hands and use it to water plants. Buy a greywater hose to attach to the outlet pipe of your washing machine and run the water from the rinse cycle out to thirsty plants. Just remember to use a garden-friendly washing detergent and to change the watering spot each time you do it.

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