Gardening Australia

In the tropics


Plant snake beans, as these are resistant to bean fly, which troubles many other bean varieties

Dig up and divide old clumps of lemongrass and plant them near vegies and fruit trees for a ready source of harvestabl­e mulch

Clear drains and run-off areas in preparatio­n for the wet season

Liquid-feed leafy greens regularly to ensure maximum growth

Clean ponds (below) to remove weedy growth and organic matter build-up in the base

Pull out vegies that are bolting, add compost and dolomite to the soil and leave it to rest for autumn planting

Plant West Indian arrowroot (Maranta arundinace­a), which is a starch-filled root vegetable that grows well through the wet

Set up pots of leafy vegies on the verandah where they’ll be easy to get to and protected from heavy rains

Cut stems of opened orchid flowers so you can enjoy their long-lasting beauty indoors

Identify and remove seedlings of weedy trees, such as African tulip tree, tobacco plant, golden rain tree and tree of heaven

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