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Abutilon x hybridum


These are the commonly available types mentioned on the previous page. They’re on my list simply because they’re awesome, and you’re spoilt for choice with size and colour!

2 A. megapotami­cum

Striking, two-toned flowers with an enlarged red calyx and vibrant yellow petals feature on this one. It can be encouraged to grow prostrate, making it suitable to use as a groundcove­r or in a hanging basket. Otherwise, let it reach for the stars (up to 2.5m high and wide).

3 Lucky Lantern range

Available in red, orange, white and yellow, these dwarf Chinese lanterns grow to 30cm high and wide. They’re perfect for pots.

4 Variegated options

Many of the hybrid forms, as well as A. megapotami­cum, are available with interestin­g variegated foliage. Most have green leaves with yellow splotches, but there are plants with cream variegatio­n, too.

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