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I love to share my favourite flower and vegie seeds at any time of year, and they make great presents at Christmas. It might be my favourite heavily scented sweet pea ‘Matucana’; calendulas, as they add cheer to any garden and attract beneficial bugs; a new favourite to the Sophie’s Patch vegie garden, such as rat-tailed radish; or one of my long-time favourite vertical vegies, such as Caigua or New Guinea bean. As the seeds germinate and the plants flower or fruit, you’ll be remembered for this living gift.

When you save seeds for your own use, you usually have more than you need, anyway, so rather than waste them, give them away as gifts.

Usually, I collect seeds as they ripen, and store them in large envelopes or jars. But sometimes I harvest the seed pods, let them dry in old paper bags or sacks in our carport, and later separate and gather the seeds when they’re completely dry. Then I just add them to a labelled seed envelope. (Turn to the next page for how to do it.)

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