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mange your mozzies


Mozzies can really spoil your outdoor enjoyment, so this is the time to work on controllin­g their population. Mozzies breed in still water, so one of the best ways to reduce their numbers is to eliminate potential breeding sites. Remove or empty any water-holding containers lying around, tip out water that collects in saucers under pots, or fill the saucers with sand, and fill up dips in the garden that could turn into puddles after rain. Think about adding an aerating fountain to your garden pond, or some native fish that will love eating the mosquito wrigglers in the water. Replace water in birdbaths regularly – the birds will love you for it – and splash out water that gathers in bromeliad cups (above). Prune any crowded shrubs to allow more air and light in, and if mosquitoes invade your evening entertaini­ng area, think about installing simple oscillatin­g fans to cool the air and drive the mozzies away.

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