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Beautiful flowering aloes are easy to propagate from the many offshoots they produce. PHIL DUDMAN shows us how to easily create an instant potted plant from an offshoot.

1 LOOK through the clump to find an offshoot (pup) with a lengthy stem. 2 USE a pruning saw to cut the pup off near the base.

3 REMOVE some of the lower leaves to visually shape and balance the plant, then trim the base of the stem so the length is about as wide as your hand.

4 PL5 A6 NT size. dX the p. repared o5 f3 fshoot in0 t3 o a suitab5 l2 y container using a premium potting mix. Position it so the lower leaves are just above the top of the pot. 5 WATER well. Allow the mix to dry before watering again. Place in a semi-shaded spot until roots form along the stem (to test, pull the upwa, dR sC ig tn wn in llu plant r resist), then gradually ut eM te ea pw ld ar na oe introd. ct hm tt te a sunnier posit. ionM

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