Fill up for less than $1.50/L says RACQ

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CHEAP fuel and good service keep the cus­tomers com­ing back ac­cord­ing to Chris O’brien and he en­sures he has the low­est priced fuel in Gat­ton ev­ery day.

While global oil prices con­tinue to in­crease the cost of fuel, the Lock­yer Val­ley Ford & Mit­subishi op­er­a­tions man­ager said he charged the low­est pos­si­ble rate.

“We’re a lo­cal fam­ily busi­ness and we want to look af­ter peo­ple in the re­gion,” Mr O’brien said.

“Lit­er­ally daily I check every­one’s fuel pric­ing around the re­gion and I make sure ours is the cheap­est be­cause that is the rea­son to come in, and then we try and keep them with the service that we of­fer.

“Even though it may be $1.40 one week and $1.50 next week, we still want to be a com­pet­i­tive price no mat­ter where the mar­ket sits.”

Dur­ing the last two weeks, the av­er­age cost of fuel in the Lock­yer Val­ley has in­creased by about five cents a litre – a ris­ing trend con­sis­tent across the state.

While re­gional Queens­lan­ders aren’t pay­ing as much as those in Bris­bane, global oil prices have driven ex­penses up, RACQ spokesper­son Lucinda Ross said.

“We have seen some sites in­crease their prices in the Lock­yer Val­ley re­cently, this con­tin­ues a trend that we’ve seen across lots of re­gional Queens­land where global oil prices have been quite volatile,” Ms Ross said.

With un­leaded petrol prices rang­ing from $1.40 a litre to over $1.60/L, Ms Ross urged mo­torists to fill up at any service sta­tion charg­ing be­low $1.50/L.

“The av­er­age price for un­leaded in the Lock­yer Val­ley is $1.51/L, so if you spot any petrol be­low that price we would urge you to fill up,” she said.

Ms Ross urged mo­torists to boy­cott service sta­tions charg­ing ex­or­bi­tant prices.

“Fill up at the cheap­est lo­ca­tion you can find even if it’s only a cent or two per litre less,” Ms Ross said.

“We want to be giv­ing our busi­ness to the cheap­est place in town and tak­ing our busi­ness from the service sta­tions that are sell­ing at the high­est prices.”

Mr O’brien said while it was dif­fi­cult to keep the price of fuel low, he pri­ori­tised his cus­tomers.

“The most im­por­tant thing rather than mak­ing those high profits is get­ting peo­ple com­ing in,” he said.

On Tuesday Lock­yer Val­ley Ford & Mit­subishi charged $149.9/L for un­leaded fuel.

— Meg Bolton


BEST BUY: Chris O'brien makes sure he of­fers the cheap­est fuel in town.

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