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Across 1 Which team ball game is played us­ing long han­dled sticks strung with a net­ted pouch? (8) 7 In Ju­daism, what is a pe­riod of seven days’ for­mal mourn­ing for the dead? (5)

8 What ex­pres­sion of sur­prise be­gan as “God blind me”? (3,6)

9 Oti­tis af­fects the what? (3)

10 What is the bur­row of a badger? (4)

11 A per­son who is ex­ces­sively con­cerned with mi­nor de­tail might be called a what? (6) 13 Whose state­ment be­fore the 1991 Gulf War re­pop­u­larised the catch­phrase “The mother of all...”? (6,7) 15/16 Who was the only non-elected US pres­i­dent? (6,4)

18 Dis­tilled from wood or coal, what is used to wa­ter­proof can­vas? (3)

20 In which ship did James Cook sail to Tahiti to ob­serve 1769’s tran­sit of Venus? (9) 21 Kathmandu is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try? (5) 22 What are words that mean the same as an­other word in the same lan­guage? (8) Down 1 Who (Ge­orge ___) cre­ated the epic Star Wars? (5) 2 Which ar­ter­ies sup­ply blood to the head and neck? (7)

3 What is the cap­i­tal of Norway? (4)

4 Which film had Cliff Richard driv­ing a dou­bledecker Lon­don bus around Europe? (6,7) 5 What ham­mered metal pin holds plates of metal to­gether? (5)

6 Who built a de­fen­sive wall across north­ern Eng­land? (7)

7 What is the junc­tion be­tween two nerve cells? (7) 12 Which ar­changel re­vealed the Ko­ran to the Prophet Muhammad? (7)

13 Which nav­i­ga­tion in­stru­ment su­per­seded the as­tro­labe? (7)

14 Which branch of bi­ol­ogy is con­cerned with or­gan­isms and their en­vi­ron­ment? (7)

15 What lined chart has x and y axes? (5)

17 What are you play­ing if you are try­ing for a dou­ble top? (5)

19 What is the lower part of an in­te­rior wall dec­o­rated dif­fer­ently from the up­per part? (4)

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