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6 Who (Isaac ___) pub­lished his science fic­tion story col­lec­tion I, Ro­bot in 1950? (6)

7 What word came from a law re­quir­ing fires to be ex­tin­guished at a fixed hour each evening? (6)

10 What is a gov­ern­ment or­der im­pos­ing a trade bar­rier? (7)

11 What ed­i­ble thing is an es­car­got? (5)

12 Who did Deb­o­rah Kerr play in the 1956 film The King and I? (4)

13 What is a cast block of metal? (5)

16 Which city is the high­est gov­ern­men­tal cap­i­tal in the world? (2,3)

17 What small fly­ing crea­ture is a tor­trix? (4)

20 A li­bretto is the text of a what? (5)

21 What states that elec­tric cur­rent is pro­por­tional to volt­age and in­versely pro­por­tional to re­sis­tance? (4,3) 22 Capodichin­o Air­port serves which Euro­pean city? (6) 23 Which Lewis Car­roll char­ac­ter spoke of cab­bages and kings? (6)


1 Which book se­ries helped teach a gen­er­a­tion of chil­dren to read? (5,3,4)

2 Which the­ory in as­tron­omy as­serts that the uni­verse orig­i­nated from one ex­plo­sion? (3,4)

3 A vul­ture and what crea­ture are de­picted on the gold mask of Tu­tankhamen’s mummy? (5)

4 In which film does Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe sing “That Old Black Magic”? (3,4)

5 What are in­ter­nal or­gans of an­i­mals used as food? (5) 8 What is a phos­pho­res­cent light seen hov­er­ing at night on marshy ground? (4-1-3-4)

9 Which Bri­tish PM said: “The politi­cian who never made a mis­take never made a de­ci­sion.”? (4,5)

14 What is a rem­edy for all dis­eases or ills? (7)

15 What is to cut off the top and branches of a tree to en­cour­age new growth? (7)

18 Which mo­tor scooter has a name mean­ing “wasp”? (5) 19 Which Mid­dle East cap­i­tal was for­merly named Philadel­phia? (5)

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