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1 Wil­liam Driver coined what name for the US flag? (3,5) 7 What was mea­sured in ells? (5) 8 Which 70s US band changed their name from Teen King and the Emer­gen­cies? (3,6) 9 What ab­bre­vi­a­tion in recipes means a tea­spoon­ful? (3) 10 What are the fuel com­po­nents in a nu­clear power plant called? (4) 11 What vegetable is used in a Wal­dorf salad? (6) 13 What mil­i­tary word is from Ger­man for “coat of mail”? (6) 14 Which plea­sure gar­den in Copen­hagen has been en­joyed since 1843? (6) 17 What bird might lay its egg in the nest of an­other? (6) 18 Who is killed in regi­cide? (4) 20 Po­et­i­cally, what is an area of grassy pas­ture? (3) 22 What food­stuff is cou­ver­ture? (9) 23 What do you get if you ask for chateaubriand in a restau­rant? (5) 24 What word came from the name of a Texas rancher who re­fused to brand his cat­tle? (8)


1 Spraint is the drop­pings of what an­i­mal? (5) 2 What is the cap­i­tal of Sax­ony in Ger­many? (7) 3 What me­tal did the Ro­mans use for wa­ter pipes? (4) 4 What nick­name is ap­plied to a Rolls Royce car? (6) 5 How many thieves were en­coun­tered by Ali Baba? (5) 6 In In­dian cook­ery, what thin bread pan­cake is cooked on a grid­dle? (7) 7 Which nov­el­ist’s first names are Clive Sta­ples (1,1,5) 12 Some con­sider the feath­ers of what bird un­lucky in a house? (7) 13 What (“_____ and be damned”) was the Duke of Welling­ton’s re­sponse to a black­mail threat? (7) 15 What is the Ja­pa­nese art of fold­ing pa­per into dec­o­ra­tive shapes? (7) 16 What is the cap­i­tal of Colom­bia? (6) 17 What is a brief ap­pear­ance in a film by a well-known ac­tor? (5) 19 What lan­guage gave us the word panorama? (5) 21 What is a pri­vate box in a the­atre? (4)

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