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WHERE are all the over­seas do­na­tions for the peo­ple in north Queens­land and the fire vic­tims in the south? We give to every­one, ev­ery­where, ev­ery time they have a dis­as­ter.

We have so many peo­ple who have lost ev­ery­thing and so much live­stock gone. Where is the re­cip­ro­ca­tion to the care and con­cern we show to oth­ers?

One Pa­cific Is­land leader used it as an ex­cuse to make a cheap shot about how we are not do­ing enough to fix “global warm­ing”.

Why don’t the filthy rich oil pro­duc­ing na­tions ever do any­thing for hu­man­ity? We do far more per capita than most other coun­tries and they still crit­i­cise us.

Un­til oth­ers start pulling their weight we need to take care of our­selves first just like they do.

Thou­sands of peo­ple are los­ing Cen­tre­link ben­e­fits be­cause they can’t com­ply with the new rules. Some­times they are pe­nalised a month’s pay by pri­vate job agen­cies. That’s what the gov­ern­ment wants them to do.

It would rather pay mil­lions to big busi­ness than give a mis­er­able pit­tance to our most needy cit­i­zens.

Shorten says he will give half a bil­lion dol­lars to the UN if he is elected. Why?

We have so much suf­fer­ing right here, right now and no­body wants to do any­thing for them.

Wake up peo­ple and start de­mand­ing change be­fore the ma­jor par­ties ban hon­est crit­i­cism as “hate speech”.

We re­ally have be­come a stupid coun­try and that’s the big­gest shame of all.

— G Camp­bell, Lai­d­ley

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