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WHETHER you’re in quar­an­tine, work­ing from home, or on leave, chances are you’ve got a lot more time on your hands now.

Keep­ing both the brain and body ac­tive are im­por­tant to stay­ing healthy – and sane – at a time of stress and un­cer­tainty such as the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion. De­pend­ing on your cir­cum­stances, there are a mul­ti­tude of ways you can put that time to good use.

If you have kids, now’s as good a time as any to break out the board games, teach them the rules, and set­tle in for a few hours of fran­tic, old-fash­ioned fun.

Snakes and lad­ders, Monopoly, Chess, there are plenty of chal­leng­ing, en­ter­tain­ing games to be played with­out the need to stare at a screen all day. Al­ter­na­tively, bring out the bats, rack­ets and balls and spend some time with them out in the back­yard.

Ex­plore the out­doors, watch the birds, or just take a quiet walk through na­ture; just be­cause you’re con­fined to home doesn’t mean you can’t go out­side.

The same goes if you have furry chil­dren.

Many pets spend their days cooped up in a ken­nel or house wait­ing for their own­ers to come home, so make the most of the ex­tra time with them. Whether you have birds, cats, dogs, or some­thing more ex­otic, take the time to in­dulge your pet in play, en­rich­ment, and in­ter­ac­tion.

If you don’t have any lit­tle ones, hu­man or oth­er­wise, or are look­ing for a break from them, there are plenty of more mun­dane things to be done around the house you’ve prob­a­bly been putting off for months.

It might be bor­ing, but there are no ex­cuses left to avoid clean­ing out your cup­boards, sort­ing your shelves, tidy­ing your tools, wash­ing your win­dows, and what­ever else needs do­ing.

Once the chores are com­plete, it’s time to re­ward your­self with some well-de­served re­lax­ation. Maybe it’s time to fi­nally read those books you’ve been mean­ing to get into, or check out that movie ev­ery­one’s been telling you about, or binge­watch that TV show you’ve been mean­ing to fin­ish. There are hours of ac­tiv­i­ties just wait­ing to fill your time, you just need to open your mind and look around.

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