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Lu­cifer ( Mark Pel­le­grino from Dex­ter and Lost), a fallen an­gel looking to pu­rify the world by do­ing away with hu­mankind in an apoc­a­lyp­tic purge.

That said, there’ll also be a few diver­sions along the way, in­volv­ing tra­di­tional Su­per­nat­u­ral freak-outs such as body snatch­ing, zom­bies and de­monic pos­ses­sion, but the main plot­line is heaven ver­sus hell … with the Winch­ester lads smack in the mid­dle.

“ It’s ba­si­cally that the angels and Lu­cifer and the demons are just beginning the long fore­told Apoca­lypse from the Book of Rev­e­la­tions,” said se­ries cre­ator Eric Kripke.

“ As the mythol­ogy of the sea­son un­veils, it’s this mas­sive, Byzan­tine mythol­ogy of angels and demons and what they want and their des­tinies for the world. It’s the war that every­one’s been wait­ing thou­sands of years for, and hu­man­ity is un­for­tu­nately caught in the mid­dle.

“ Our he­roes ob­ject to that. Their re­sponse is ‘ You want to fi ght a war? Pick an­other planet. This one’s ours – get the hell off it’.”

But ac­cord­ing to Kripke, the end of the world Su­per­nat­u­ral-style isn’t go­ing to be quite as, well, apoc­a­lyp­tic as some view­ers might imag­ine. In fact, given the state of things right now, it could be hap­pen­ing right now.

“ The pub­lic isn’t nec­es­sar­ily aware of it,” he said with a laugh. “ They’re not run­ning scream­ing through the streets. That would be hard to main­tain through a sea­son. Our ver­sion of the Apoca­lypse in­cludes things like hur­ri­canes un­ex­pect­edly slam­ming into the US coasts and swine fl u and North Korea sud­denly arm­ing up with nu­clear weapons.”

Oh, so pretty much stuff that’s on the front page of the daily pa­per then.

“ We’re re­ally try­ing to cre­ate the idea that this could be hap­pen­ing right out­side your door and you don’t know it,” added Kripke. “ At least in the fi rst few days of the Apoca­lypse.”

Well, at least we’ve got Dean and Sam on our side. But the broth­ers have got plenty on their plates, what with Dean hav­ing spent a while in hell ( yes, re­ally) and Sam feel­ing re­morse over a course of action that led to Lu­cifer be­ing un­leashed upon the world.

“ Sam is in a diffi cult place,” said Kripke. “ He’s feel­ing such hor­ri­fy­ing re­gret. How do you get out from un­der the weight of be­ing the guy who broke the world, broke it through pride and selfi shness? He’s got a lot to atone for and he’s re­ally on a jour­ney of re­demp­tion. He has a lot of wrongs to set right. For Dean, this sea­son is a lit­tle bit about un­der­stand­ing what his role is but mainly hav­ing the strength of char­ac­ter to do the right thing.”

And, be­cause this is Su­per­nat­u­ral, the broth­ers are go­ing to be bat­tling one an­other in var­i­ous ways. Dean and Sam have al­ways had a slightly com­bat­ive re­la­tion­ship, some­thing Ack­les and Padalecki play very well, but the events of re­cent sea­sons look to have driven a size­able wedge be­tween them.

And Kripke ad­mits that die-hard fans of Su­per­nat­u­ral have been known to get a bit up­set when Dean and Sam are at each other’s throats.

“ But we owe it to the fans to de­pict an hon­est re­la­tion­ship and we wouldn’t be hon­est, hav­ing gone through the events at the end of sea­son four, if they just said ‘ It’s all for­got­ten, let’s move on’,” he said.

“ There’s a lot of drama to play. It’s our in­ten­tion to bring them back to­gether. It al­ways is. I’ve al­ways said it’s a show about the strength of fam­ily. But they need to recre­ate their re­la­tion­ship and come back to­gether in a way in which they’re older, sad­der, wiser but ul­ti­mately stronger.”

Para­nor­mal bond: Jared Padalecki ( left) and Jensen Ack­les as the Winch­ester broth­ers, Sam and Dean.

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