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If you hadn’t twigged to it by now, Lost is not one of those shows you can catch ev­ery once in a while. No, if you’re not pay­ing close at­ten­tion to what’s hap­pen­ing ( and what’s been hap­pen­ing over the past five sea­sons), there’s a very good chance you’ll be feel­ing a lit­tle … well, lost.

Take what’s go­ing on in Lost’s sixth and fi­nal sea­son, for in­stance. To wrap up the saga of Oceanic Flight 815 and its pas­sen­gers, the mak­ers of the show have in­tro­duced the con­cept of par­al­lel worlds – one where the flight never crashed at all, an­other that brings an ar­ray of char­ac­ters from dif­fer­ent eras to­gether on the is­land.

Yeah, you’ve def­i­nitely got to have your wits about you if you’re go­ing to keep up with Lost. But maybe ex­ec­u­tive pro­duc­ers Carl­ton Cuse and Da­mon Lin­de­lof can help.

How long had th­ese plot de­vel­op­ments for the sixth sea­son of Lost been in the

Cuse: Since the very beginning of the show, char­ac­ters started cross­ing through each other’s sto­ries. Part of our de­sire in sea­son six is to show that there’s still this kind of weave, that th­ese char­ac­ters still would have im­pacted each other’s lives even without the event of crash­ing on the is­land. Ob­vi­ously, the big ques­tion of the sea­son is go­ing to be: How do th­ese two time­lines rec­on­cile? Lin­de­lof: Right out of the gate, in the first five min­utes of the pre­miere, you get hit over the

So what’s the out­come for th­ese two par­al­lel re­al­i­ties? Will they merge to­gether? Will they can­cel each other out?

Lin­de­lof: For us, the big risk that we’re tak­ing in the fi­nal sea­son of the show is ba­si­cally this very ques­tion. This is the crit­i­cal mys­tery of the sea­son, which is ‘ What is the re­la­tion­ship be­tween th­ese two shows?’ And we don’t use the phrase ‘ al­ter­nate re­al­ity’, be­cause to call one of them an al­ter­nate re­al­ity is to in­fer that one of them isn’t real or one of them is real and the other is the al­ter­nate to be­ing real. Cuse: I think those are all the kind of spec­u­la­tions that are the right spec­u­la­tions to be hav­ing at this point. What are we to make of the fact that they’re show­ing us two dif­fer­ent time­lines? Are they go­ing to con­nect? Lin­de­lof: It is go­ing to re­quire pa­tience.

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