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Culture clash

Lily Collins’ titular American in Paris becomes caught between two worlds in the third season of Emily in Paris, writes Lauren Mitchell


LEFT at a personal and profession­al crossroads at the end of season two, American expat in Paris Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is taking charge of her life, figuring out what (and who) she wants and how to get it in the third season of Netflix’s Emmynomina­ted comedy.

Now that the two other points in her series-long love triangle, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat), are back on, Emily is dedicated to making things work with English banker Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).

“We start season three with Emily feeling grounded and having a real sense of self in her new country and city,” Collins explains.

“We get to see her become more and more acclimated to Paris and become more quietly confident in herself. We see this manifest through her fashion, her sense of confidence, her experience­s within the city, and at work.

“She’s making choices for herself and sticking with them no matter what the consequenc­es are – in romance, in work, within friendship­s, and really embracing France and the French language more.”

With her love life somewhat sorted – although there is still the matter of her undeniable chemistry with Gabriel – Emily finds herself torn between two bosses as season three takes shape.

A corporate coup at the end of season two saw Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) depart American-owned marketing agency Savoir – forcing Emily to choose between her beloved French co-workers and returning to Chicago, and her former life, with Madeline (Kate Walsh).

“She’s stuck between Madeline and Sylvie, these two powerful women who she admires,” Collins says.

“There’s still this cultural clash within Emily, [between] America and France. She’s feeling very torn.

“[Costume designer] Marylin Fitoussi helps centre Emily [with fashion] this season. She’s graduated to a new level of quiet, inner confidence, which visually includes more of that French “je ne sais quoi” feeling.”

Collins is excited for viewers to see Emily really embrace the French “joie de vivre” (enjoyment of life) in the new season.

“I really hope that young people watching out see through Emily that you can love what you do,” she says.

“And it can be part of your life, but it doesn’t have to be your whole life. It’s about finding that balance.

“I think the fans will love the fashion, the fun, the laughs, the drama, the ups and downs, the romance, the locations. Just everything.”

■ Emily in Paris, streaming from Wednesday, Netflix

 ?? ?? Fashion forward: Emily (Lily Collins) adopts a chic, ’60s style for season three.
Fashion forward: Emily (Lily Collins) adopts a chic, ’60s style for season three.

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