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CCTV cam­eras are sadly nec­es­sary in these times, but it’s treat­ing the symp­tom, not the cause. Zero tol­er­ance has cleaned up New York, Ip­swich in Queens­land etc — why not in Gee­long? Where are our lead­ers?

Let’s get tough To Get a Map ( GA, Oct17), if you are wor­ried about Sarah Hen­der­son’s in­ter­est in Avalon, how do you ex­plain Cheese­man’s be­hav­iour on TV at the an­nounce­ment? Hello out there Neville, Eren and Trezise — have you an opin­ion about things that mat­ter in Gee­long? Or are you too en­trenched to chance it and let Mar­les and Cheese­man try to make po­lit­i­cal cap­i­tal out of what is your busi­ness? I’m not!

Squeak up

Good for the goose If the two school cap­tains @ Grovedale Col­lege were both male, there would be sex­ist up­roar. What hap­pened to equal­ity?

Buster Grovedale Col­lege claims the se­lec­tion of two fe­male cap­tains has been ‘‘very well-re­ceived’’. As a mem­ber of the school community, I un­for­tu­nately dis­agree, as I know of students and teach­ers who are un­easy about the choice. The girls se­lected are both very ca­pa­ble students, how­ever I ques­tion whether the males of the school will be able to fully look up to them as role mod­els.

One-sided Are there rules for po­lice in divi vans that let them go from Harper Rd across the high­way to­wards Gee­long with no lights, no siren? I have seen them do it. I hope you cops get caught.

Naughty naughty Can the AFL stop mak­ing more changes to our great game? Change the rules back to nor­mal.

Leave the game alone When­ever I hear Gil­lard, Roxon, Wong, Plibersek, etc. speak, it’s al­ways the same ‘‘blame Tony Ab­bott" ev­ery day of the week. I now suf­fer from a rel­a­tively new con­di­tion known as Misog­y­nist La­bo­ri­ous.There is a cure— it’s called Cal­lan­elec­tion Ya­boringus.

Jim, North Gee­long 4x4s have been a big part of my life, and to think peo­ple want to take my life away from me by ex­clud­ing me and oth­ers from park­ing.

Where’s the mal­ice?

BIG PIC­TURE: The hull of the HMAS Canberra ar­rives on the MV Blue Marlin.

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