Geelong Advertiser

Cryptic Clues



1 A quarter of the district 7 Push ourselves into a point

in time 8 Reprimand broadloom

perhaps 10 A general is out of the wind 11 Boofheads somehow dot

the i’s 13 A bit name in charisma 16 Bleak early dismissals

finish informal 18 Alcoholic drinks found in

Palestine 20 Embed strine elements 21 A champion basketball

player may ring a friend 22 Always is back on the practice of turning inside out


2 It’s true about the call centre 3 Manage a small business

with top performers 4 Make countrywid­e

alienation­s corrupt 5 Get a kick out of pleasure 6 Impair Ben early tomorrow 8 Bivouacked with Pamela

and Cedric for starters 9 Raise one’s offspring, a

little more ardently 12 The most self-conscious in

flashy establishm­ent 14 Partake of a cross section 15 Lied about doing nothing 17 Within limits, points out evil

spirits 18 Egyptian cobras as an

afterthoug­ht 19 Consequent­ly hesitate to


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