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Drunken cricketer locked up


A SOUTH Barwon cricketer has been fined $800 and spent a night in the police lockup after being drunk, refusing to leave licensed premises and resisting police.

Frank Van Hees, 48, of Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont, pleaded guilty in Geelong court yesterday to each of the charges.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Peter Beard said that, about 10.30pm on December 7, Van Hees was asked to leave the Barwon Club Hotel because he was drunk.

“He became aggressive, refused to leave and had to be physically removed by a security guard,” Sgt Beard said.

“Once outside, Van Hees refused to leave the hotel doorway so police were called.”

Van Hees told the police, “This is my town,” and, “I am untouchabl­e.”

He later yelled, “I know every copper in Geelong, you can’t touch me.”

Michael Vines, for Van Hees, said his client still played cricket with South Barwon.

“Sometimes he forgets he is 48 and thinks he’s much younger than he is,” Mr Vines said.

Magistrate Ann McGarvie fined Van Hees $800 without conviction.

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