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Flags win over most

Mark “Bomber” Thompson will be invited back to Geelong this season after four years of tension since his dramatic exit in 2010. Are you for or against it?


Love “Bomber”, always welcome at Geelong. Megan Marcus

I don’t want him back at the Cats, he still had a year left on his contract and lied to get out of the contract. Thompson can go get stuffed. John Go Cats Fulton

Can he do the after-game press conference­s” Tom Hogema

He gave us two premiershi­ps after a 40-year drought. What is wrong with you people? Does that mean we shouldn’t let Blighty back? Jeff Sires

Always willing to welcome back a two-time premiershi­p coach who laid the foundation­s of our success which began in 1999 with his arrival. Time for another premiershi­p, go Cats in 2015. Dan Wouterus John Boeren

Don’t want him back. Chris Gawronski

For it . . . he did a lot for the club and Geelong always embrace their own. Donna McEachran

All you people sooking about him leaving . . . get over it! Footy is a business. Look at what he did for the GFC — you should be thanking him. Carly Stevens

My, my, how a lot of you have short memories. Look where Bomber took Geelong! Margie Broadby

He made his choice to move on, so should Geelong. Pauline McCulloch

Has been. We don’t need him and his tripe. Bad move. Tony Clarke

Are you kidding? After all he did for the club? Absolutely, he’s a God. Frank Engelsman

No. He’s a trouble causer. Geraldine Hughes

Great thing to happen, leave the past where it belongs. Darrell Martin

Good luck Bomber — shame you couldn’t stayed on at Essendon. Sarah Bradie

Come back, but I like Scott, too. Lhoy Shields

Time heals apparently. Sam Elliott

He did what any human in his position would do. Made a decision. I welcome him for sure. Chelsi Vipont

Built a team, broke a 44year premiershi­p drought and changed Cats culture. Will always be a cats coaching legend. Still remember people calling for his sacking. Stuck it to them. Always welcome. Stephen Campbell


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