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ARIES Optimism might not come easily, but it will pay off. A sunny attitude will reduce your overall stress levels and help you stay focused on your top priorities, like helping yourself and your loved ones thrive.

TAURUS You may feel deprived of what you need, when the reality is that you’re only deprived of what you want. It’s not that you’re spoiled, but you’re getting used to something you ought not to. Get back to basics.

GEMINI Things break along the way, and that’s to be expected. You’ll have time to fix everything, and all will be working properly when you most need it. Until then, research some upgrades.

CANCER Look for the superstars in your area of interest, and study them. They are likely people who have helped many others, gone the extra mile and put the universe in their debt, just as you are doing now. LEO Ready or not, start investing your effort in the direction of your big goal. It’s going to take hundreds of hours, and for many of those hours, you will have no idea what you’re doing. Start learning now. VIRGO The messages you send will create an echo, except that the feedback is not instantane­ous, so it can be difficult to understand the cause-and-effect relationsh­ip. Adjust what you put out.

LIBRA You strive to communicat­e heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, and this is the communicat­ion that will really make a difference. Today this mostly involves listening with your whole being.

SCORPIO Everyone wants something. You just have to figure out what they want and give it to them. You’ll find out because you assume nothing and ask excellent questions. SAGITTARIU­S EachThis is dollarwhy youhas theare hesitant potential to to spendgrow moreon unnecessar­ydollars. and drink temporal purchases items. these You days. even second-guess certain

CAPRICORN Your mind is occupied with love. This is the reason you have the energy necessary to work on critical items and not much more. The 80/20 rule very much applies today.

AQUARIUS Watching people react to an entertaini­ng episode of life can be more entertaini­ng than the actual episode. This explains what happens with you tonight.

PISCES There’s no secret solution. Whatever your goal, it will take work. You can get there if you’re willing to trade whatever you’re doing now for the work you need to do to get to the goal.

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