Geelong Advertiser

Analyze That NINE, 10.45pm, M (2002)



It’s a good bet that this cheeky encore to Analyze This outwits the original, but it’s essentiall­y the same joke. Lampooning organised-crime stereotype­s, Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal are afforded tremendous scope to put on a cracking display of comic showmanshi­p, under the direction of Harold Ramis. The setup sees Vitti (De Niro) stage a psychotic breakdown to secure his release from prison, after which he is placed under the responsibi­lity of the reluctant Dr Sobel (Crystal), whose spouse (Lisa Kudrow) would rather eat nails. There’s nothing remarkable about the plot, but the chuckles are there – so too is Anthony LaPaglia in a wicked cameo as a Sopranos- style TV show star.

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