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How to breeze through your study sesh

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trust us when we tell you that we’d rather be lurk­ing Larry the­o­ries on Tum­blr than study­ing, but exam time is im­por­tant for your fu­ture and we know you want to ace it. So we’ve fig­ured out some ways to help make study­ing (al­most) stress free.

or­gan­i­sa­tion is key

When you feel like the only thing more stress­ful than study­ing is se­cur­ing tick­ets to Ed Sheeran’s con­cert, you need to make a plan. Your work­load can pile up su­per quickly, and if you’re not on top of it, it will bury you. Cre­ate a to-do list that maps out ev­ery­thing, with due dates high­lighted. Pri­ori­tise ev­ery item from ‘code red’ to ‘girl, you’ve still got time’. Keep in mind that if you have a huge as­sign­ment due, you might want to break it down into small parts and give your­self mini dead­lines over the next few weeks, so you won’t have to write half a novel in one night. Once you have a clear sched­ule you can start go­ing through the list. And we all know there’s noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing than cross­ing some­thing off.

zen zone

A su­per-quick way to re­duce pre-study stress is to have a clean and or­gan­ised workspace. Clean up your desk, throw away any un­wanted pa­pers or rub­bish, and make a space for your notes, lap­top and books. Ar­range your study notes by sub­ject and make sure that you have all the notes you need to pre­pare your­self for the as­sign­ment or exam. If you’ve missed a day at school and need to catch up, email your teacher or a class­mate for notes. Do it ASAP so you’re not scram­bling when exam time rolls around.

at­ti­tude, dar­ling

When you’re just not feel­ing it, take a cre­ative break. Find some in­spir­ing, pos­i­tive quotes that give you that ‘I got this’ mo­ment and write or draw them on some paper to pin up above your study area. You could even frame them and place them around your room to help spread those pos­i­tive vibes to mo­ti­vate you to study. You could also write a list of awe­some things you’re go­ing to do when your ex­ams are over, and look at that when­ever you need to feel like there is a light at the end of this tun­nel.

do not dis­turb

TBH, tear­ing your­self away from In­sta­gram is prob­a­bly go­ing to be the most chal­leng­ing part about sit­ting down and ac­tu­ally study­ing. But a self-im­posed ban from that and your other so­cials will be worth it in the exam hall, we prom­ise! The best way to do that is to switch your phone to ‘do not dis­turb’ mode. That way you’ll still get those all-im­por­tant no­ti­fi­ca­tions and phone calls, like when In Stereo make one of their fa­mous an­nounce­ments.

break­ing (isn’t) bad

Breaks are im­por­tant. We’re not talk­ing about the kinda breaks where you ac­ci­den­tally binge watch Riverdale all over again, we’re talk­ing about the kind that help you calm down, re­fo­cus and gain a fresh per­spec­tive. Be mind­ful of how you spend your time be­tween study sessions. Try go­ing for a walk or run. Stud­ies show reg­u­lar ex­er­cise helps us to think bet­ter and fo­cus on what needs to be done. Med­i­tate or do breath­ing ex­er­cises to help clear your mind of dis­trac­tions and al­low your brain to re-group. You aren’t go­ing to feel great be­ing slumped over a desk all day, so take breaks to stretch your mus­cles, shake off any neg­a­tiv­ity and get back to work.

avoid su­gar!

We love peanut but­ter M&M’s as much as the next per­son, but if you have hits of ar­ti­fi­cial su­gar while you study you’ve already set your­self up to crash and burn. Yes, ar­ti­fi­cial su­gar (think lol­lies, chips, sneaky spoon­fuls of Nutella and all the de­li­cious stuff) gives you bursts of en­ergy and may al­low you to fo­cus, but it’s only for a very lim­ited amount of time. You’ll then hit a slump once it wears off. Al­ter­na­tively, if you fuel your body with good kinds of fats and nat­u­ral sug­ars (avo­ca­dos and ba­nanas), they will give you that much­needed en­ergy boost and laser-like fo­cus for much longer, help­ing you breeze through your study sesh.

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