So you fi­nally kissed

Here’s what to do now

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ac­cord­ing to sci­ence, trad­ing saliva is one way to fig­ure out if some­one is a good fit for you. It’s pretty weird when you re­ally think about it, but there’s no deny­ing that a good kiss is pure magic.

There’s so much fo­cus and pres­sure on the first kiss that it’s nor­mal to have no idea what’s ac­tu­ally go­ing on af­ter it hap­pens. Some­times you can get caught up in all the an­tic­i­pa­tion and imag­in­ing what it will be like that you aren’t prepared for what comes next.

We kissed… does this mean we’re dat­ing?

Not ex­actly. It could mean that, but until you have the chat that makes it off­ish, it’s just a kiss. If you want to take it to that next level, make sure they know you’re keen. They kissed you too, so un­less the sparks didn’t fly for them, there’s a huge chance they’re into you.

We kissed and I haven’t heard from them since.

Have you mes­saged or tried call­ing them? If not, then there is no rea­son why you shouldn’t have the con­fi­dence to hit them up with a cute text. If so, then babe, you’ve dodged a bul­let. If some­one had their tongue down your throat one night and then ig­nores you the next, they don’t de­serve your at­ten­tion.

We kissed, so does this mean we have to go fur­ther?

Ab­so­lutely not. You don’t have to do any­thing you’re not com­fort­able with. You also don’t have to kiss again until you feel like it, or at all. Your mouth – your body – your de­ci­sion. The same goes for them, so if they don’t want to take it fur­ther, you need to re­spect that.

We kissed be­cause it was a dare, but I want to kiss them again.

So many peo­ple have their first ever kiss thanks to spin the bot­tle and truth or dare! If that’s what hap­pened to you and you en­joyed it, and you feel like your part­ner did as well, then there is no harm in send­ing a cheeky text telling them you had a good time. See what hap­pens from there!

We kissed and he’s re­ally into me, but

I just ain’t feel­ing it.

Kiss­ing can be the most amaz­ing thing ever, or it can to­tally turn you off some­one. If you’ve spent count­less hours imag­in­ing what it would be like to kiss Cole Sprouse (isn’t that how we all spend our spare time?) and then it hap­pens and it’s not what you imag­ined, your feel­ings can dis­ap­pear in­stantly. Although tbh, as if Cole would be a bad kisser!

We kissed and it was bad… is this re­ally what kiss­ing is like?

Peo­ple have dif­fer­ent styles of kiss­ing and may not be great at first, but will get bet­ter with prac­tice. If you don’t want to kiss that per­son again, then you also prob­a­bly aren’t into them. There will come a time and a per­son that you en­joy kiss­ing.

We kissed, ev­ery­one is talk­ing about it and I’m em­bar­rassed.

Don’t be! Kiss­ing is very nor­mal, and if peo­ple are talk­ing about it, it’s be­cause it’s juicy gos­sip. They’re prob­a­bly jeal­ous! Own it and remember that next week ev­ery­one will be gos­sip­ing about some­thing else.

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