The town with pep!

While the US town of Riverdale is fic­tional, most of the lo­ca­tions they shoot the se­ries at are real. Film­ing takes place in Van­cou­ver, Canada, and if you’re ever in the area, you can check out these fa­mil­iar land­marks.

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Riverview Hos­pi­tal One of the creepi­est spots in the se­ries is the home for trou­bled youths that Betty and Jug­head visit to res­cue Polly. It was filmed at the Riverview Hos­pi­tal in Co­quit­lam, which was once a men­tal asy­lum. It’s now an aban­doned build­ing and is con­sid­ered to be one of the most haunted places in Canada.

TWI­LIGHT DRIVE-IN Twi­light Drive-In

The drive-in and Jug­head’s for­mer home is ac­tu­ally a real, work­ing drive-in with the same name as it ap­pears in the show. It’s lo­cated in Lan­g­ley and is very busy dur­ing the sum­mer.

RIVERDALE HIGH Lord Byng High School

The ex­te­ri­ors of Riverdale High are Lord Byng High School, which you can find at West 16th Street in Van­cou­ver. Imag­ine go­ing to the school where Riverdale is filmed!

THE PEMBROOKE The Per­ma­nent Build­ing

The ho­tel Veron­ica and Hermione live in is filmed in a grand his­tor­i­cal build­ing in down­town Van­cou­ver called The Per­ma­nent Build­ing. It’s been used for many films and can be hired out as an event space for fancy par­ties and wed­dings.

JOHN SWEET­WA­TER RIVER Alou­ette Lake and Alice Lake

The in­fa­mous river that kicked off all the drama in the very first episode isn’t even a river! It’s ac­tu­ally two dif­fer­ent lakes. Ja­son Blos­som’s death and the other Sweet­wa­ter River scenes were filmed at Alou­ette Lake in Golden Ears Pro­vin­cial Park, Maple Ridge, and Alice Lake in Brack­endale, Bri­tish Columbia.

ARCHIE'S HOUSE 2037 East 3rd Ave, Van­cou­ver

Archie’s home is a real house, not a set, and has be­come a pop­u­lar spot for fans to stop for pics. If you’re plan­ning on go­ing, remember a real family lives there.

POP'S CHOCK'LIT SHOPPE Rocko's Family Diner

Prob­a­bly the num­ber-one spot you’d want to visit if you could go to Riverdale is Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe! It’s filmed at a real Cana­dian diner called Rocko’s Family Diner and is lo­cated in Mis­sion. As you’d ex­pect, it’s a very pop­u­lar place to get a burger and shake these days.

THORN­HILL MAN­SION Cop­per­stone Man­sion

The Blos­som family home is an­other one that is ac­tu­ally owned by a family. It’s called Cop­per­stone Man­sion IRL and is in South Lan­g­ley. It’s set be­hind gates, so not so good for sight­see­ing. Even though the show makes it look scary and gloomy, it’s ac­tu­ally very pretty.

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