We took your burn­ing ques­tions for the ’rents to teen well­ness ex­pert Kim Smith to help you get what you want.

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This is awk­ward, but I want to talk to my mum about pe­ri­ods be­cause we learnt about them at school, and even though I don’t have mine yet, I’m wor­ried about not be­ing ready when it hap­pens. Like not hav­ing the right things. My mum has never talked about it with me so I feel em­bar­rassed to talk to her about it.

Kim says:

This can be awk­ward, es­pe­cially if your mum doesn’t speak openly about pe­ri­ods. Some par­ents don’t want to make their daugh­ters feel em­bar­rassed so they don’t bring it up. It might be a nice sur­prise for your mum if you ap­proach her to dis­cuss it. Start the con­ver­sa­tion by let­ting her know your school gave a talk about pe­ri­ods and you have some ques­tions. Let her know your con­cerns and ask her if she can help you to be prepared for when they ar­rive. Be brave. Once you start the con­ver­sa­tion, it won’t be as em­bar­rass­ing as you might think and could even bring you and your mum closer to­gether.

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