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I’ve done bal­let since I was five and I’ve de­cided I don’t re­ally like it any more (I’m 14 now). My mum is ob­sessed with me do­ing bal­let and I don’t know how to tell her I don’t en­joy it any more. I feel like it’s too much pres­sure. I feel bad, though, be­cause I know my par­ents have also spent lots of money on classes and cos­tumes and stuff.

Kim says:

This can be dif­fi­cult, es­pe­cially when you know your mum and dad have in­vested so much into your bal­let classes. It’s never fun feel­ing like you’re let­ting peo­ple down, es­pe­cially if you’re already feel­ing like you have a lot of pres­sure on you. My ad­vice is to tell your par­ents how you re­ally feel. In­stead of say­ing you don’t like your bal­let any more, ex­plain why. Tell them the pressures you’re feel­ing and the im­pact it’s hav­ing on your thoughts, emo­tions and life. Your par­ents sound very sup­port­ive of what’s im­por­tant to you, so

I’m sure they have your best in­ter­ests at heart. You never know – af­ter some good time away from bal­let, you might find you miss it and want to go back! Things change, in­ter­ests change and your par­ents will un­der­stand this, even if it takes some time.

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