EX­TRA and proud of it

Is ev­ery­one con­stantly telling you that you’re ‘be­ing dra­matic’? Well, it’s time to own it, be­cause it’s not a bad thing!

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that whole ‘too cool’ thing ain’t for you. You’re all about the high drama and ma­jor mo­ments and, babe, you sure know how to make an en­trance. You’re never go­ing to be one of those go-with-the-flow kinda peo­ple and it’s time you took pride in your ex­traness. If you can re­late to at least six of these, then you’re ex­tra AF. Take a bow, princess, it’s your world… ev­ery­one else is just liv­ing in it.

Your first ques­tion when in­vited any­where (from a ca­sual cof­fee to a fancy ball) is, ‘What’s the theme?’

When you’re feel­ing sad, you play sad mu­sic on pur­pose to re­ally em­brace the feel­ing.

You line up 12 hours be­fore a con­cert, buy loads of merch, have a hand­writ­ten sign and hang by the stage door for an au­to­graph.

Peo­ple have fi­nally stopped ask­ing, ‘Why are you so dressed up?’ when you show up to ca­sual events look­ing fire be­cause they have come to ex­pect it.

Your mum says, ‘You’re talk­ing so loud,’ ap­prox­i­mately 284 times a week.

You’ve matched your nail colour to your smoothie for the perf In­sta pic more times than you care to ad­mit.

It takes you 27 texts to tell a sim­ple story be­cause you send them one ex­cited sen­tence af­ter an­other.

You have a Pin­ter­est plan­ning ev­ery sin­gle oc­ca­sion for the rest of your life.

When de­scrib­ing some­thing, you ei­ther vi­o­lently hate it or pas­sion­ately love it. There is no in-be­tween.

You’ve trained your sib­ling to take at least a hun­dred #can­did pho­tos of you upon re­quest.

You spend your pre­cious time look­ing on Tum­blr for pic­tures that re­flect your cur­rent aes­thetic to post on your In­sta­gram.

You NEVER pre­pare a bath with­out tak­ing a Boomerang cap­tur­ing the mo­ment your bath bomb hits the wa­ter.

Damn straight you have full-on birth­day par­ties for your dog, and god help the friend who tells you it’s ridicu­lous.

A printed silk robe and fluffy slip­pers are high-pri­or­ity items on your wish list RN.

You’re con­stantly late to things be­cause your cof­fee or­der of a dou­ble shot caramel mac­chi­ato with a dash of cold milk, no whip, choc sprin­kles is a daily strug­gle for your barista.

You have a playlist ready to go for those mo­ments when you’re walk­ing down the street with your head­phones in, pre­tend­ing you’re in the open­ing scene of a Net­flix Orig­i­nal about your life.

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