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MOSTLY SKULLS: Ch­eryl Blos­som from Riverdale

You’re head­strong AF, like the fierce and fab­u­lous Ch­eryl. But ev­ery­body knows you’ve got a heart of gold on the in­side (and a creepy grandma in the at­tic). We rec­om­mend a qual­ity red wig, black leather skirt and scar­let lip (and don’t for­get the spi­der brooch) for a cos­tume that’ll bring the house down coz you = fiyah.


An­cient queen from The Mummy

Peo­ple call you an old soul, and you’re of­ten found with your head in a his­tory book or post­ing throw­back pho­tos on Face­book. That’s when you’re not nap­ping for what feels like a thou­sand years. If some­one awak­ens you from a good snooze, your tem­per tantrums are out of this world. Rather than wrap­ping your­self in toi­let paper for the mummy ef­fect, try a Cleopa­trastyle get-up with zom­bie makeup.


Tay­lor in the Blank Space video

You may *seem* nice as pie, but if some­one takes more than an hour to text back, your rage is next-level. You also have a thing for cats and leop­ard coats, which kinda goes with the ter­ri­tory. If you wanna chan­nel scary Swiftie as a scorned (Star­bucks) lover, pop on your prep­pi­est out­fit and get your crazy eyes on. Golf club op­tional.


Chanel from Scream Queens

Scheming is your fave pas­time and you tend to get ev­ery­thing you want in life (even if your loyal squad has to do the dirty work for you). Like you al­ways say, when the go­ing gets tough, the tough go shop­ping and leave the min­ions to fix it. Whether you go for her sea­son one or sea­son two look, Chanel is the per­fect cos­tume choice be­cause she’s a clas­sic and so are you.


Mera from Aqua­man

You adore the mer­maid trend and plan on spend­ing your spring in and around large bod­ies of wa­ter. Sure, the movie hasn’t come out yet, but the glimpses we’ve seen of Am­ber Heard as Aqua­man’s bae on­line are all the #cos­tumegoals. They sell green body paint at nov­elty shops, right?

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