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Re­cently, I have no­ticed that some­times af­ter go­ing to the toi­let, there is this clear gloopy stuff that comes out of my vagina. Some­times it's in my undies. But it's not the 'nor­mal' stuff that should come out, it's like that stuff, but ex­tra.

I'm re­ally wor­ried that it's an in­fec­tion or some­thing, but I haven't done any­thing to get one. I do mas­tur­bate some­times, but I don't think it's from that. But to­day when I mas­tur­bated, a cou­ple of hours af­ter I went to the toi­let and the gloopy stuff was in my undies. Please help!

Freaked out

From what you de­scribe, the two most likely causes of this dis­charge are re­as­sur­ingly both com­pletely nor­mal. If this is hap­pen­ing two weeks be­fore a pe­riod, then it is prob­a­bly ovu­la­tion mu­cus, mean­ing an egg has been re­leased. Typ­i­cally this dis­charge is clear, and when you put some be­tween the tips of your thumb and in­dex fin­ger and pull them apart, the stuff is se­ri­ously stretchy. The other likely cause is the slip­pery fluid pro­duced when you get sex­u­ally aroused, whether dur­ing mas­tur­ba­tion or sex. A healthy young body re­sponds by pro­duc­ing nat­u­ral lu­bri­ca­tion fluid in the vagina to make sex easier. This fluid can pool in­side and come out later just like you de­scribe. Ei­ther way, it sounds fine.

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