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Lately, I've been hav­ing a re­ally hard time at school. My best friend and I were re­ally close, but then one of our friends started pulling her away from me and I had a big fight with her be­cause I felt left out and up­set. She didn't show any re­spect, just de­fended our friend. We haven't been talk­ing be­cause I don't want to fight or cause more drama. All my friends have a bestie, but I don't have a close friend at the mo­ment and mostly sit alone at school. How do I deal with this sit­u­a­tion?


Re­la­tion­ships at your age can be very un­sta­ble, caus­ing the sort of heart­break you have de­scribed. I think that you have two op­tions here. The first one is to ini­ti­ate a con­ver­sa­tion with your friend and see if you can re­solve the con­flict. Ev­ery­one makes mis­takes, so if she owns up to this – good job. How­ever, if you don’t have the en­ergy to do this, walk away for now and make some new friends. Join a club in­side and/or out­side school – it could be art, mu­sic, dance, drama or sport. Then, spend time with the other mem­bers and grad­u­ally you’ll get a new group of friends that you can hang out with.

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